PARKING Solution

Give your customers an easy experience

No more time wasted at the payment terminals to pay parking tickets

the easiest, fastest & most secure solution
for parking users and companies

There is a DV Ticketing solution

for each type of parking

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On-street parking

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Multi-level car parking

Pay your parking ticket

The customer can purchase a parking ticket by sending a simple SMS with its car plate number and possibly the area code. He then pays its parking time directly with its telephone credit (monthly carrier’s bill or prepaid account). Our solution allows you to manage different pay zones based on license plate, zone, date and time.

telecom payment nativly included

Srreen of First step of DV Ticketing Parking solution. Send SMS
Srreen of second step of DV Ticketing Parking solution. Receive sms link confirmation

Receive the payment confirmation

A simple text message confirming the parking payment is sent a few seconds after the request. 5 minutes before your ticket expires an SMS reminder is also sent to allow you to renew or leave the area. If the user has to access a closed parking lot, he clicks on the link included in his ticket to load the QR code to use at the gates.

A simple text message on the mobile

Verify your ticket

Ticket control can be done by:
> Reading the car plate number
> Verify the area code

A quick visual control

screens verification ticket for parking